As a person who does tattoos, I’m always looking for cool tattoo stuff. Recently, I found out about JCONLY. Even though I didn’t know them before, they’ve been making cartridge needles and tattoo machines for 15 years. They say they’re different from other tattoo brands. I wasn’t sure at first, but I was interested, so I decided to give them a try and learn more about the brand.

Let’s talk about what makes JCONLY special, why they’re teaming up with TattoosGeek, and why every tattoo artist should have their “JCONLY VETAR” cartridge needles in their tattoo kit.

Specialists in Tattooing Innovation: An Introduction to JCONLY

Upon entering the JCONLY website, there were no flashy banners or exaggerated promises to greet me. Instead, the website exuded a comforting simplicity, reminiscent of stepping into a well-known artist’s studio where the emphasis is on the art rather than extravagant displays.

Browsing through their products was effortless, and I admired the clarity in the details provided for each product, delving into even the smallest specifications. The absence of unnecessary technical language gave me the impression that JCONLY is dedicated to excelling in their core focus: primarily cartridge needles and wireless & pen tattoo machines.

Brand Philosophy

Having flourished for 15 years, JCONLY has become a stalwart in the tattoo equipment realm. Their unwavering dedication revolves around enriching the tattooing journey for professional artists through a relentless pursuit of product excellence.

Central to their philosophy is the mantra “Innovation Only for Tattooing,” encapsulating their unwavering commitment to the art of tattooing and deep respect for the artists steering its course. By placing a premium on comfort and quality, JCONLY has earned the trust and admiration of world-class tattoo masters who consistently rely on their flagship products.

Innovative Products

Fueled by a diverse team and cutting-edge technology, JCONLY stands out by offering unmatched service and technical support. Their mission is to empower tattoo artists with top-notch products, freeing them to concentrate on their art. It’s this unwavering commitment that has propelled JCONLY to become a global benchmark in the industry.

Within the realm of cartridge needles and tattoo pen machines, JCONLY boasts a diverse product line. Their range covers various machines tailored to different price points, providing tattoo artists the flexibility to choose equipment that aligns with their preferences and budget. These tattoo pen machines are designed for compatibility with universal cartridges, ensuring artists can use a broad spectrum of needle configurations.

The Star Product: JCONLY VETAR Cartridge Needles

Let’s talk about their star product: the JCONLY VETAR Cartridge Needles. Having been on both sides of the needle numerous times, I understand the impact quality needles can have. That’s why I decided to share my experience in my quest to find the best cartridge needles available.

Upon trying them and ordering a Sample Box, I was genuinely impressed. The needles glided smoothly, releasing ink with the finesse of a whisper. The lines were crisp, and the shading was impeccable. It was evident that these needles were crafted with meticulous care, catering to artists who discern the distinction between good and exceptional.

JCONLY’s VETAR cartridge needles live up to their name — they are truly amazing.

JCONLY delivers needles for every conceivable need, ranging from Round Liner & Round Shader to Magnum & Curved Magnum, and even Stipple Shader. They’ve got it all covered, including the comprehensive Sample Box.

For an in-depth review of their products, take a look at the video below.

Shipping Beyond Borders

Now, let’s chat about getting your stuff. We’ve all been there, right? Waiting forever for something we ordered. But JCONLY said they have super-fast international shipping with excellent tracking. I was a bit skeptical, so I decided to check it out. I ordered their Sample Box of VETAR cartridge needles. To my surprise, not only did it show up quicker than I thought, but the tracking updates were spot-on and right when they were supposed to be. It was almost like having a behind-the-scenes look at my package’s trip to me.

Join the Pro Team Program

A standout feature is JCONLY’s affiliate program designed specifically for tattoo artists. Knowing how awesome it is for artists to be sponsored by a major brand, our team, which includes ink enthusiasts and friends with tattoo artists, appreciates the significance. JCONLY is now opening the doors for artists worldwide to become a part of their narrative.

JCONLY’s Pro Team consists of accomplished tattoo artists who share a dedication to pushing creative boundaries and embracing innovation. Artists interested in joining the Pro Team can usually apply through JCONLY’s official channels, presenting their expertise, portfolio, and a clear commitment to pushing the limits in tattooing. Selection criteria include skill, creativity, and alignment with JCONLY’s philosophy of “Innovation Only for Tattooing.” Successful candidates become ambassadors of the brand’s forward-thinking ethos.

TattooGeek has also been cultivating a partnership with JCONLY to provide a thriving space for artists. So, if you’re an artist seeking sponsorship, reach out to us, and we’ll ensure that JCONLY receives your application.

Join the Conversation: Follow JCONLY on Instagram

In today’s social media age, staying connected is super easy. JCONLY wants you to be part of their art journey on Instagram. Just follow them for a daily dose of inspiration, sneak peeks at their products, and join a community of tattoo lovers who share your passion. It’s not just a follow; it’s like stepping into an artistic world.

And here’s a perk – you’ll be the first to know about their occasional discounts!

To sum it up, JCONLY is a brand I’ll stick with. They seem to have everything to shine in this space. Their worldwide shipping is fast and reliable, they’ve got a cool program for new artists, and their best product, the VETAR cartridge needles, has proven itself.


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