my first tattoo done by tatum at dark cloud in iowa city, iowa, united states

my first tattoo done by tatum at dark cloud in iowa city, iowa, united states

my first tattoo done by tatum at dark cloud in iowa city, iowa, united states
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my first tattoo done by tatum at dark cloud in iowa city, iowa, united states are more than just ink on skin; they are a form of art that has been practiced for centuries across various cultures. delves deep into the roots of tattooing, exploring its historical significance, cultural variations, and the evolution of techniques that have transformed this ancient practice into a modern art form.

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Curious about the tattooing process itself? guides you through the journey, from concept to aftercare. Learn about the importance of choosing the right tattoo artist, understanding the significance of placement, and ensuring proper aftercare for a vibrant and long-lasting tattoo.

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18 thoughts on “my first tattoo done by tatum at dark cloud in iowa city, iowa, united states”

  1. There’s a difference between “oh shit, my bad, didn’t know it was a slur but I still love the tattoo tho” and “idgaf, it was my dog’s name, who cares if it’s a slur”. You should maybe, uhhh, make your comments a bit more in line with the tone of the former lest you end up on r/subredditdrama.

  2. God you’re insufferable!
    The comments you make are so selfish, and lack any empathy at all.

    Oh well, a shit tattoo for a shit person.
    Matches perfectly.
    And it is a shit tattoo. Regardless of the racism. I mean, is it a Rorschachtest?

  3. This thread is hilarious.

    Where I live everyone calls gypsies gypsies including gypsies and you don’t want to know how black dogs are commonly called.

    You all are acting like he tattooed himself “Gas the J…” or something on his face.

  4. These people are doing wayyyy to much ur tattoo is fine it’s a name no biggie gypsy is a beautiful name I’ve met people with that name that happens to also be derogatory when directed at somebody but at the end of the day it’s a name that happens to also be a slur but that doesn’t mean anything

  5. I have my kiddos paws and names too!! Love this!!
    I don’t fully understand the hate you’re getting for the name. Our kiddos name is Chucky and everyone thinks we named him after the demonic doll. It’s not that deep 😂 Live your best life and enjoy your new art!

  6. Also I don’t think gypsy is a slur personally I’m not Roma but I know a few families who are and they say gypsy has been labeled as a slur just recently and it depends on context/connotation so again this is a name 🙂 pls don’t take randoms advice and get this covered


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